Saturday, December 5, 2009

Balzac Quotes - Honoré de Balzac on Love

Love has its own instinct. It knows how to find the road to the heart just as the weakest insect moves towards its flower by an irresistible will which fears nothing. Honoré de Balzac: La Femme de trente ans (1832)

To love without hope, to be disgusted with life, constitute, in these days, a social position. Ferragus

I love him for his own sake, the dear cherub. For four years his home has been in my heart. Cousin Betty

Women believe in men when they flavor their speeches with the word love. Colonel Chabert

Those in love either doubt nothing or doubt everything. 

To love without hope is still happiness. 

If light is the first love of life, is not love a light to the heart? 

Love is the gold, hatred the iron of the mine of feeling that lies buried in us. 

Love and vengeance, hunting together, will always strike down their prey.

Love is to the moral nature exactly what the sun is to the earth. 

Love is the only passion that cares not about the past or the future.

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