Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The Positive Power of Love

If you are seeking someone to love you, you will go through life
disappointed. Love begins with loving yourself first. Unless you first love
yourself, you will not be able to find it in another. Only when you
generate love and radiate it forth until it embraces everything and
everyone, will love be yours in return.

But remember, you cannot give your love to another person. You can
only be loving. Being loving means learning to love your mind, thoughts,
body, life and the God-power within you. Learn to love objects like trees,
flowers, animals, sunshine and everything you see, touch and taste.


The idea that we cannot possibly love another until we have first learned
to love ourselves may, on the surface, appear to be a very self-centered
philosophy. But it isn’t if we realize that we are connected to every other
person on the planet. In the same way that our heads are joined to our
shoulders, our hands to our arms, our feet to our ankles, each person is
an extension of everyone else. An infection in one part of the human
body means that the entire body is affected, to hurt another person
mentally, physically or emotionally means that we are hurting ourselves.


Remain calm and love regardless of the circumstance. Love is not a
placid state but a conquering force. If someone does something to you
that may seem unjust or unfair, learn to forgive that person, for
forgiveness is part of love. Mentally note that the situation has come into
your life as a lesson. The way you meet the experience will determine
whether or not you understand the meaning of love. If you do, you will
be able to forgive knowing that everything will work out for the good of
all concerned. To pass ‘love lessons’ victoriously is to reach new
dimensions of success, prosperity, peace and fulfillment.

Dr. Robert Anthony: The Ultimate Secrets of Total Self Confidence